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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you available to be hired
Yes, I am available for any photo assignment from any magazine, agency, company along with any individuals that may want to be photographed for their personal use.

Are you available to travel anywhere in the world
Yes, I am available to travel anywhere needed with all expenses paid.

How much do you charge
For a 2 hour personalized shoot (non-commercial) is $400.00. Each hour thereafter is $150.00 an hour. For international photo shoots, prices vary on how many days needed as well as how many surfers will be involved. Please visit the contact page and fill out the questionnaire and I will reply to you with an estimate.

Do you license your images
Yes, I license my images through a surfing stock agency called Surf Images, the website is

Do you sell prints and how much do they cost
Yes, I will sell any print size you like from a 11x14" and up. Prints are made here in San Diego at a professional photo lab. Sizes and prices can be found here.

Do you shoot from the water
Yes, I can shoot from the water, land, boat, jet ski, and helicopter.

Where can I see more of your work
I have two other sites, they are and

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